Software and Cloud Technology, Spring 2019, 6hp

Course Goals

Give the students a broad understanding of the area of software and cloud technology for scalable software-intensive systems. The course will cover introductory topic areas related to software technology and cloud computing.

After the course the students should be able to:

  • To use the state-of-the-art of versioning systems
  • To refactor code and exploit design patterns
  • To write automated simple unit tests
  • To deploy and maintain a simple cloud application


The students are expected to have a background in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering or similar. The students are expected to have the foundational mathematics found in most engineering programs and basic programming skills.


The course consists of three modules where each module starts with two days of lectures and has 1-2 assignments that will be examined locally. The modules and the associated sessions are:


To pass the course all modules have to be completed.

  • Module 1 – Software Engineering – Part 1 Versioning
  • Module 2 – Software Engineering – Part 2 Refactoring
  • Module 3 – Software Engineering – Part 3 Testing
  • Module 4 – Cloud Computing