Learning and Knowledge, Oct 27-28, Stockholm

Day 1
10.00-10.30    Coffee (outside E1)

10.30-12.30    Seminar (E1)

12.30-13.30    Lunch Nymble

13.30-14.30    Knowledge and Learning for Robotics (slides), Nick Hawes, University of Birmingham (E1)

14.30-15.00     Coffee (outside E1)

15.00-17.00     Overview of Machine Learning (part1, part2) Thomas Schön, Uppsala University (E1)


Day 2

08.15-10.00    Supervised learning, (slides), Alexandre Proutiere, KTH (E1)

10.00-10.15     Coffee

10.15-12.00     Unsupervised learning (slides), Alexandre Proutiere, KTH (E1)

12.00-13.15     Lunch Nymble

13.15-15.00     Knowledge representation for autonomous systems (slides), Jacek Malec, LU (E1)